Alamo City Comic Con, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016
Hello lovely readers!

I hope you've all been doing exceptionally well because you all deserve wonderful things heading your way! Today I bring to you a post on the other "holiday" besides Thanksgiving that brings us all together, Comic Con Weekend.

Alamo City Comic Con hit my city a bit over a month ago and aside from the special memories I made it also is a full circle for my blog because it's the first thing I ever blogged about back in 2015. So, let's get started!

Orlando Trip, Day Four: Island of Adventure

Another Monday, another Opportunity!

Hello readers, today I finish my four part diary to my first trip to Orlando back in July. We visited the Magic Kingdom, traveled the world to Epcot, entered the magical world of Universal Studios Orlando, and now I finish it up with my last post: Island of Adventure.