Orlando Trip, Day Four: Island of Adventure

Monday, December 12, 2016
Another Monday, another Opportunity!

Hello readers, today I finish my four part diary to my first trip to Orlando back in July. We visited the Magic Kingdom, traveled the world to Epcot, entered the magical world of Universal Studios Orlando, and now I finish it up with my last post: Island of Adventure.

Now IOA (Island of Adventure) is an interesting park. It combines some iconic rides from its sister park in Hollywood like Jurassic Park River Adventure, has a "toon" land, Marvel land, Dr. Seuss land, and of course an extension of the Wizarding World, Hogsmeade and Hogwarts Castle.

Let's dive right in!

Now, if you didn't notice, I made sure to Disneybound (definition found here) for every park I visited. Sure not all were Disney Parks, but I made sure to dress the part for Universal Studios Orlando and Island of Adventure. For Universal, I rep my House colors of Hufflepuff and for IOA I decided to dress as the one and only, Dr. Alan Grant, or in this case AlanA Grant.

The look couldn't be complete without some awesome T-Rex earrings which are now proudly called Terry Rex. 


In order to beat humidity, one must simply document outfits before getting on rides and ruining your makeup.

That raptor was NOT trained by Chris Pratt's, Owen.

"To Hogwarts or to Hogsmeade," what a Shakespearean tragedy of choice. 

Always choose the castle first. The castle is the outer facade for the attraction, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and let me just say, no one should be forbidden from experiencing this ride because WOW!  The combination of old and new SFX are amazing, with actual textiled sets combined with 3-D screens. A truly must ride attraction when visiting the parks. Sam and I were so blown away from it we rode it twice!!

Hearing the students of our neighbor school's performing. 

Just like in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade is full of so many details that make you feel like you've been transported to a Harry Potter film (had the Florida sun not deceived us). 

And now we say, "See You Later."

That's it! The end of our week in Orlando. We had a ton of fun and are dreaming up of our next trip soon! The parks are very different from their older sisters in the West Coast, but have a charm about them that must be discovered by all. 

Until next time!



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