Breakfast at The Guenther House, San Antonio

Hello, my wonderful readers!

One keeps busy when managing many hats of the trade, but we have to keep pushing right? Being out of school has definitely made it harder to see my friends, but what always brings us together? FOOD!

 Last Wednesday, I was able to catch up with my best friend, Kala, over breakfast at a hidden gem in San Antonio's King Williams District called The Guenther House. The house used to be the home of Pioneer Flour Mills owner, Carl Hilmar Guenther.

This place was bult sometime between 1915-1920, and you can feel the decade breathing through its architecture, landscape, and the way the house, now serving as a restaurant and museum, is run. If you are a big Downton Abbey fan, this house will definitely make you feel like one of the Crawley sisters having breakfast outside.

For visiting such a location, and the fact that Kala and I love to dress up, one has to dress the part.

Dress: Lindy Pop
Cardigan: VooDoo Vixen

The inside of the House  has a small bakery that makes different types of sweets every day. 

If  you want to dine inside one of their two dinning areas, this one would do it for me. The open windows, beautiful fixtures, and hanging plants makes me feel like I would be dining along side Rose from the Titanic. Remember the scene?

 The upstairs library is now the museum portion of the house.

Some of the shelves house Pioneer memorabilia from throughout the century.

Now the best part of the place, FOOD.


The strawberry lemonade was delicious. Refreshing and extremely photogenic with its vibarant tones.

The breakfast plate I received is not listed on their website menu, but it begins with 1800's. (Sorry I couldn't be of more help!).

Their homemade Pioneer Buttermilk Pancakes were amazing. Incredibly fluffy and full of flavor.

Once we finished our breakfast, we decided to go back upstairs and visit their shop overlooking the San Antonio River.

The house can also be rented out for small weddings or get togethers in their indoor patio room.

You always take advantage of good lighting. Always.
 Kala and myself.

We ended the day with delicious Valentine's themed cookies. The Guenther House was absolutely beautiful and had delicious food. I would definitely recommend and would visit again soon.

Have you gone to a new place and realize this is your "new place"? Let me know where you've made memories in your new place!

xo, Elizabeth

Alamo City Comic Con, 2016

Hello lovely readers!

I hope you've all been doing exceptionally well because you all deserve wonderful things heading your way! Today I bring to you a post on the other "holiday" besides Thanksgiving that brings us all together, Comic Con Weekend.

Alamo City Comic Con hit my city a bit over a month ago and aside from the special memories I made it also is a full circle for my blog because it's the first thing I ever blogged about back in 2015. So, let's get started!

Day One: 

For Day One my brother and I didn't get to do much since we both a.) got off of work late and b.) I had a princess party to work that evening across town. Even though we were only there for roughly 4 hours, we still were able to roam around, meet vendors, and come up with an idea of the layout on how the Celebrity Corner looked like. 

I still managed to get some photos in of my diy Star Wars skirt because yes I have to dress up for every and any occasion. 

It was only fitting to photograph my skirt with Star Wars characters.

Day Two:

Day Two. Let day two be engraved in my heart forever because I still cry of joy from that day.

Seeing from the cover of this post, we decided to splurge a bit and buy the Hell's Kitchen VIP Pass that included meeting the stars of Marvel-Netflix's hit show, Daredevil. Let me give you some back story, while many young children were obsessed George Clooney's, Batman and Robin, and Val Kilmer's, Batman Forever, I was obsessed by Ben Affleck's, Daredevil (I was maybe 8 years old, give me a break).
So of course I had to rep my Marvel-filled day with a Black Widow circle skirt because why not?!

**Brace yourself for excessive exclamation points**

It began with meeting Mr. Foggy Nelson himself, Elden Henson. We spoke about schooling, film, theater, and just how to be cool.

And then, I lost my mind:

Jon Bernthal!!!!
When did I start fangirling over Jon Bernthal, I don't know, but all I know is that I was a giggling school girl when in his presence.


During the Daredevil panel. 

I was also lucky enough to meet Charlie Cox, but his management didn't allow for him to take unpurchased photographs. As Michelle Tanner would say, "How rude!"

After the panel, and getting our group photo ops, we decided to keep meeting celebs.

Kristy Swanson. You guys don't understand. She was my Wonder Woman growing up! Seeing the original Buffy was beyond my wildest dreams!! 

Of course, you can't go to ACCC without seeing some awesome cosplayers!

Of course I needed a photo with a Black Widow cosplayer with my Black Widow skirt.

Sean Pertwee from the TV show, Gotham.

Cory Michael Smith signing my poster. He's also in Gotham.

I must photograph myself in every photo stop ever. 

And to wrap up my Day Two:

Stick towards the end ;)

Day Three: 

Day Three, the crowds went down tremendously. This day we decided to treat it as a shopping day and also to talk to all the artists in Artist Boulevard. 

My brother and I bought a bunch of awesome artworks (mainly Disney for me and Comic Book related for him). 

One last round to use our VIP passes.

SO, story time! I told Jon that I never had a "real prom" nor a prom pose photo. He was glad to be put to the test and give me my first (and only) prom pose photo ever! Why is it so awkward (as if that pose isn't awkward enough...)? It went something like this: 
 Jon, "How do you do a prom pose?
Me, "I don't know. I've never done it."
Jon, "Oh, I think it goes something like this"

*proceeds to put his arms around me which led me to my early death*

San Antonio native Summer Glau was so sweet to talk to! We obviously needed to take a photo with her because *represent*. We also met her husband who was so awesome to talk to!! That guy is so hilarious and great. She's great. They're great. *sighs happily*

This guy spent roughly 9-11 months creating this Terminator T-2000 puppet. There was no way I was going to pass up not taking a photo with him and his artwork. 

Alamo City Comic Con was incredible this year. It helped having one under our belt so we knew what to do and where to go. We'll definitely return next year despite this years hiccups.

Have you attended ACCC or your towns Comic Con? Let me know how your experience went!

Until next time, my beautiful readers.


(And yes, this is my Christmas Card/ photo proudly kept on my car's dash.)



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