Breakfast at The Guenther House, San Antonio

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hello, my wonderful readers!

One keeps busy when managing many hats of the trade, but we have to keep pushing right? Being out of school has definitely made it harder to see my friends, but what always brings us together? FOOD!

 Last Wednesday, I was able to catch up with my best friend, Kala, over breakfast at a hidden gem in San Antonio's King Williams District called The Guenther House. The house used to be the home of Pioneer Flour Mills owner, Carl Hilmar Guenther.

This place was bult sometime between 1915-1920, and you can feel the decade breathing through its architecture, landscape, and the way the house, now serving as a restaurant and museum, is run. If you are a big Downton Abbey fan, this house will definitely make you feel like one of the Crawley sisters having breakfast outside.

For visiting such a location, and the fact that Kala and I love to dress up, one has to dress the part.


Dress: Lindy Pop
Cardigan: VooDoo Vixen

The inside of the House  has a small bakery that makes different types of sweets every day. 

If  you want to dine inside one of their two dinning areas, this one would do it for me. The open windows, beautiful fixtures, and hanging plants makes me feel like I would be dining along side Rose from the Titanic. Remember the scene?

 The upstairs library is now the museum portion of the house.

Some of the shelves house Pioneer memorabilia from throughout the century.

Now the best part of the place, FOOD.


The strawberry lemonade was delicious. Refreshing and extremely photogenic with its vibarant tones.

The breakfast plate I received is not listed on their website menu, but it begins with 1800's. (Sorry I couldn't be of more help!).

Their homemade Pioneer Buttermilk Pancakes were amazing. Incredibly fluffy and full of flavor.

Once we finished our breakfast, we decided to go back upstairs and visit their shop overlooking the San Antonio River.

The house can also be rented out for small weddings or get togethers in their indoor patio room.

You always take advantage of good lighting. Always.

 Kala and myself.

We ended the day with delicious Valentine's themed cookies. The Guenther House was absolutely beautiful and had delicious food. I would definitely recommend and would visit again soon.

Have you gone to a new place and realize this is your "new place"? Let me know where you've made memories in your new place!

xo, Elizabeth

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