Say my Name, Why my name

Hello! Welcome to my little nook in the vast World Wide Web.

Let me share a bit on who I am and why I chose to name my nook on the Web (my blog), Elly Beth, and it's quite simple: it's my name.


Hello, my name is Elizabeth and my blog name came from separating the name into two names. Weird right? (Or just completely unoriginal, whichever floats your boat). The idea came from the brainstorming of two genius gals (my friend, Jasmine, and myself) during a pizza lunch date. As every first time blogger we struggle with finding what will be a good name for our blog that is catchy, fun, and represents us well. Jasmine decided to break down my name and voila!  Elly Beth was born!

I'm a firm believer of we have two sides (or more) to oneself: the friends side, family side, going out side, professional side, etc. I can be highly exuberant, colorful, stuck on Instagram all day and spend my days laughing and filling my Tumblr and Pinterest's accounts with Disney and Harry Potter, but I can also be serious, professional, behave very adult-y (goes back to posting mature content on my Tumblr and Pinterest. You have been warned...), and just being very mature. I am the embodiment of a child never growing up and of one who grew up too fast.

xo, Elizabeth


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About Me

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. A twenty something year old who split her name to create her blog name, Elly Beth, to describe the fun and business side of me. Here you'll read about my adventures, fashion, life, and anything else you wish for me to discuss. Can't wait to share my world with you! :) xo, Elizabeth


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