Orlando Trip, Day One: Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello my beautiful readers!! 

Long time no read, huh! I know I've been gone for about three months now, and I promise I will catch you all up on why I've been away in a future post. 

For my first post back, I decided to write about my first big girl trip without parents to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando(!!!!). This post will focus on Day One: Magic Kingdom.  Side note: Don't you just hate it when you think you took a zillion photos while on a trip but then come back home and think "That's it?"

My best friend, Sam, joined me on this adventure since we would both dream of visiting the parks in Florida. We made sure to always, kinda match throughout our trip and for the first day in our trip, we decided to Disneybound as our favorite princess, Rapunzel.

While at the parks, we met up with my friend, Alysson, who I met on Instagram four years prior. This would be our first time meeting at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

I was most hyped to see the Tangled-inspired rest rooms. I had seen pictures of them all over social media that I couldn't wait to see it for myself.  Here you see a pair of Mouse Ears I did inspired by the Lost Princess herself. (Remember I mentioned I would explain my absence earlier in the post? Well, this crown is part of the hiatus ;) For more, click here to find out more).

Let me just say, the restrooms were *MAGICAL* I didn't want to leave them!

One of the things I loved about  Magic Kingdom is all the castles it has. It really is a Magic Kingdom!!! You can find Cinderella's Castle, Rapunzel's Tower, Beast's Castle (who's photo came out too exposed to post :( ), and Prince Eric'c Castle. Ariel will always be my first favorite princess because a) she's the first and b) ginger. So you can imagine me losing my mind when I saw Prince Eric's Castle!!

"But Daddy I Love Him!"

Beautiful stained glass inside Princess Fairytale Hall.

Festival of Fantasy is the day-time parade Magic Kingdom has which Belle and Beast help kick off. Truly a beautiful and colorful parade!

Do you see Flynn Rider doing that thing with his fingers and his pursed lips?! That's him approving my Rapunzel inspired Mouse Ears! *cue me dying now*

Note for any of you visiting the parks in the future, cheer on the dancers. Please. They perform for us in all types of crazy weather for our entertainment. They are stars!!

I had so much fun for my first visit to Magic Kingdom! It was a super long day but it was all worth it! Thank you to the CM's that provided us with "First Time Visit" buttons, stickers, more time with princess, and for the CM's that allowed us to view Mickey's Electrical Parade in the ~Reserved~ section.

Thank you, Alysson, for showing us the Kingdom you get to play in so much. I honestly cannot wait to visit again in the near future!