Graduation Season

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Hello friends and neighbors!

It's that season again. You know, the one where millions of gallons of sweat, tears, and blood are shed over paper but then the biggest lift of weight is felt and suddenly you're breathing clearly again? Oh! You've never heard of it? Well let me tell you it's  called Finals and GRADUATION season!

That's right, friends. I've finally graduated from University and have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from my Hogwarts-look alike school. 

I'm not going to lie, this last semester was brutal. For the first time in my life, I hated school, which is sad to me now because I'm a kid that loves school and to learn more. I'm a curious mind! The fact that school had gotten so bad made me not only an emotional wreck but damaged my health quite badly (don't school too hard kids).

It's so weird the idea of not having to go back in August. I've been a student my whole life, going back to back from elementary all the way through university, that now I have no idea what to do with so much free time (maybe I should finish that St. Patrick's costume I started this year). Now that the storm is over it's time to bask in the calm and freedom of being out of school. 

Who knows, maybe now I'll have time to travel, finally to all the craft projects I've been "pending," or maybe now I can clean my room and not have art or theater projects on my bed! Haha. I'm hoping with my newly rewarded free time, I can take the time to get to know myself more and take the time as a "self discovery time." I've seen the benefits of being single for about five years now and in all honesty, being in a relationship with myself has led to such an amazing self discovery in my years of maturity. Maybe now I can learn more about myself when it comes to life.

So here's to freedom, self discovery, and beating the statistics by being a Latina woman with a BA, the first in her family! Schools out, let's celebrate. Alright world, it's you and me now.