Tieks-Who and What Are They?

Friday, April 8, 2016
Why, Hello my beautiful readers!

Today I want to talk about my recent purchase that arrive yesterday from Tieks. With graduation being so close I can almost taste it (*insert Patrick Star licking a lollipop here*) my case for travel and escape has been at al all time high! 

Pinterest has be a blessing and a curse during these last fees because it gets me excite for travel but also distracts me from getting final works done. While browsing the how to pack two weeks into a carry on on Pinterest, I kept noticing these little folded shows on almost everyone's carry on and behold I discovered Tieks-the creator of the ballet flat reinvented for the female traveler!

You have to admit, that's a pretty convincing slogan to have! By now, you should have an idea that I love to dress up for everything and anything. Traveling is no exception. Up until now, I would put together multiple cute outfits for a vacation, but they'd always be paired with some form of sneaker to avoid getting tired, blisters, or having cramped/stressed toes at the end of the day. After much research, reading multiple reviews in and out of the Tieks website, and *maybe* a small anxiety attack due to school later, I bought not one but two pairs of Tieks, because "go big or go home" right....right?

I'm not going to lie, not only was the fact that many women enjoyed the shoe for traveling, but Tieks spring banner is what really sold it for me, I mean look at all the pretty colors! 

**aesthetics** Picture from

I decided on the Mint Patent and Mustard Yellow flats as my first order. I figured they were good options for spring, a pop of color, and they are my favorite colors so win win win.

This is how it looks like in the mailing box and inside:

I've read many reviews about how Tieks always gives a handwritten Thank You letter. I thought it wasn't completely true but LOOK!

Each Tieks box will always come with a different flower wrapping the box together. I don't know about you, but that makes me feel super special! You better believe I'm turning those flowers into hair clips!

Here is a look at the inside of the actual Tieks box:

The flats came nicely and tightly packed in the box which resulted in cutting instead of unwrapping the box. Box: 1 Elizabeth: 0

This is the flat once it's out of the box.

You can see that the show is really flexible due to its shape when sitting on a table. 

The Mint Patent flat is so stunning and shiny! I'm so excited to wear it with pretty clothes this spring!

The Mustard Yellow shoes also came packed like the Mint Patent.

How the flats are tucked together flat on a surface.

Tieks was also cool enough in putting in a small/medium pouch to place your Tieks in also with another another small pouch that holds a tote bag inside to place your tiring heels or treasures in. How cool and thoughtful is that?! :)

I couldn't wait any longer in wondering about the fit and feel when walking with the flat on. Since they are made of Iralian leather, they'll be a bit stiff and need a bit of breaking in to stretch the leather and let it form to the shape of your foot.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with my Tieks! I'll make sure to write a follow up post on the actual feel of the shoe. One reviewer said she was able to wear her Tieks all day at Disneyland and that was definitely my selling point!

In the means time, keep your head up my beautiful readers! The semester is almost over and we'll all have to finish it off strong!

Until next time!