Somewhere Over the Rocky Mountains

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Well hello ladies and gents!

So sorry it has been months (wow, months!) that I've last posted on the blog. Between school and two jobs, life drew back and hit me hard in the guts. It's been a few hard months, but looking forwards is all one must do in the process of healing.

Just two weeks ago, my folks and I decided to pack up and get away from town to escape the ruckus. Where does one go to escape? Why, none other than Las Vegas, Nevada, of course!

Since we practice feng shui, we took an extravaganza class over the weekend while being in Sin City. It was a time of rejuvenation, distraction, and just simply having fun! This was the first time visiting since turning 21, so I was eager to finally play the slot machines in the casinos after seeing my mom play them for years!

       Me at New York New York Casino.

Just look at the excitement on my face. For my first time playing, I was fairly lucky and got to finally cash in my own winning vouchers.

                     Hey, hey, hey! 

Aside from learning more about the upcoming year of the Monkey, we also saw a Chinese Dragon dance and participated in releasing wishes into the sky via balloons for the heavens to answer our wishes!

         Myself with my wish balloon. 
        *Dragon dance video coming soon*

After roaming the casinos in the following nights, we decided to pack our bags the following morning and go to the City of Angels, herself, Los Angeles, CA for the day. 

If you've never been to LA before, 1) you should at some point in your life and, 2) you will discover the wholesale district. Now the wholesale district we've gone to for years. There's so much, and I talking SO MUCH STUFF you can buy things ranging from clothes to electronics to fabric to toys to phone cases! They have it all! 

The only shots I have from the windy, cloudy day in LA are the ones from fumbling with a selfie stick (yes, I caved and bought a $6 selfie stick #score) and some from my personal Snapchat account. 

Remember how I said you can find anything in the wholesale districts? I wasn't kidding. People from all over can always be found here. The colorful shot is taken in one of the alleys in LA. Sometimes, I forget to stop looking at the dirty streets and look up to see the colorful walls. I've visited that same alley for years now and I've never noticed the colors on the walls. 

That's its for now folks. I'm on a road to recovery to shed this pessimistic outlook on life and return to my optimistic ways! I have so many plans for this blog and I'm hoping to stick with them! This is going to be one whirlwind couple of months as I graduate in May with my BA (yay!). 

Put on your seatbelts folks! It's about to be a bumpy ride!


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