Orlando Trip, Day Two: Epcot

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Hello awesome readers!

Today I'm continuing my Orlando travel journal with my second post from the trip (you can read the first post here). My second park visit in the Walt Disney World Resort was...


That's right, my friend Sam and I got to visit the world for the price of an admission ticket. Now Epcot is a park of its own kind. In my own opinion, it is a park that brings together culture with its World Showcase, but also eco-awareness and technology.

When entering we started off with meeting characters while our makeup was still on (thank you, Floridian humidity). 

Baymax. BAYMAX!!

 Do you see this? This is Disney magic captured in a camera.

Of course, you can't forget getting photos with the OG characters of Disney.

Also, you have to take advantage of the cool mosaic wall in The Land area of the park.

Seriously, it was such a rad wall that reminded me of land and its age, you know, the ones shown in Earth Science.

And then, we fell incredibly in love with the World Showcase Pavilions. Enjoy these photos!

England Pavilion

France Pavilion. I highly encourage everyone to watch the Impressions de France video in the pavilion. If you ever needed another reason to fall in love with the idea of visiting France, this 18 minute film will fuel you more. Plus, A/C!

Inside the Amerian Pavilions' The American Adventure show.

China Pavilion was not only cool, but had tons of shops and a restaurant. Definitely made me think I was in the real country.

Sam took this awesome shot while we visited the Germany Pavilion. I couldn't stop thinking of Pinocchio!

You can meet Snow White in Germany as well!

Back visiting the UK Pavillion, we were in love!

Mexico's Pavilion was so cool! So glad to have a bit of home inspired in the parks.

Look at those storm clouds and sun setting behind the France Pavilion. Ugh, *swoon* 

Morroco's Pavilion. Goodness it was so detailed. I couldn't stop praising the architecture of every pavilion. 


Italy's Pavilion

If I remember correctly, this was the Outpost between China and Germany.  

You can meet these Frozen sisters in the Norway Pavilion in their Royal Sommerhus. Perfect to visit Elsa and Anna after getting on Frozen Ever After attraction.

Hydration in the Parks is no joke. Luckily, many restaurants offer free water to help you stay hydrated. 

And that was our visit to Epcot! It's truly so so beautiful. To the day, I can't stop thinking about Epcot. It's truly fueled a need to travel the world and discover it more. It may not be a park with heavy attractions like Magic Kingdom, but it's perfect for food and drink (and I mean, alcohol from the world!). I encourage everyone to visit this park, it's definitely a favorite of mine.

Until my next post, my lovely readers. If you want to read my first post from Magic Kingdom, just click here and be on the lookout for my next post on Universal Studios Orlando!

xo, Elizabeth

***Disclaimer, all of these opinions and views are mine. I am not affiliated with the Walt Disney World Company.***

Crashes and Concerts

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Hello my beautiful readers!

I hope everyone has been having a bea-U-tiful September! The holidays are definitely in full swing this year for me--especially now that I'm out of university (yay!).

Now the title for this post may be extremely misleading, but let me just say, "I'm fine!" Allow me to explain. Last Saturday, my brother and I were on our way to the Future Now: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Concert. Being 5 minutes away from the venue, as we were about to get on our exit, we were hit in the rear by a pick up truck. The impact sent us off the shoulder into a hilly-grassy ditch, narrowly missing a tree and a highway post in the way.

Luckily, we came out with little injuries consisting of heavy soreness and some swelling in my cheek from the breaking. The gentleman in the other vehicle also came out fine, thank goodness. The car on the other hand, well, not so well.

Once PD came and got our info, we had a choice: go home and let this near-death experience bring us down or continue to go to the concert. We chose the later option.

I'm glad we decided to still go to the concert.  Aside from having second row seats, we knew that we couldn't let this bad episode from stopping us living life. My brother and I really felt the need to live life to the fullest. If this was God's way of saying, "Keep going," then by all means, we will keep going. Enjoy some of the hundreds of pictures I took from the concert.

Thank you for reading. Remember, truly do live life to the fullest. You never know if the Exit lane will reach you before you reach it.