Best. Day. Ever.

Friday, October 30, 2015
*Disclaimer, this post was written on an iPhone. Please excuse any typos, abbreviations, or crazy formats.*

Hello lads and ladies!

It's been faaaaaaaaaar too long since my last blog post (insert sad face here). October has been just an insanely busy month for me, from preparing to graduate in the spring (yay!), to being cast in a small, private play (yay!), handling to jobs (whoa!), shopping (duh!), and playing dress up (oh yeah!)! 

Today's post I'm focusing solely on the dressing up part, because tomorrow is Halloween! 🎃 As a performer, I love to dress up. Go BIG or go home, right?! Well, I of course went as big as a college student budget could allow me. It took a whole year to prepare, but I think the results were totally worth it.

Back in July, I made the ~burning whole in my wallet~ to purchase four wigs from an etsy shop. These four wigs included: Snow White, Merida, Rapunzel, and Belle. (Heads up, no makeup shots coming your way.)

                     Snow White
[Belle not pictured because she hasn't arrived yet.]
If one hasn't figured it out by now from looking at my blog or other social media accounts, I love all things Disney! 

For my school annual Halloween festival, I decided to dress up as on favorite non-red headed princess, Rapunzel.

Everyone loved it, or secretly hated it, but who cares! I WAS SO HAPPY! So many parents and children were blown away by the costume and wig, *the wiiiig*! This costume ha been a dream of mine, and I'm so happy I was able to wear it for my senior year Halloween festival. Being able to "be friends" with Rapunzel, saying yellow to the boys and girls who approached me brought such a warm feeling in my heart. Many girls said Rapunzel was their favorite and couldn't believe they were meeting their favorite princess. This is what it's all about, making memories for kiddos to remember forever (or until something new catches their attention. You can't beat them :p ).

So there you have it folks, my early Halloween costume. I still haven't decided what I'll be tomorrow night for Balloween since I'll be at job number one. For now, all I know is that, I've had the best day (night) ever!

Xo, Elizabeth